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Mawi’s personal story has inspired students and educators around the world, and been read as a 1-book, one-school selection in hundreds of communities.


Of Beetles & Angels: A Boy's Remarkable Journey from a Refugee Camp to Harvard

Mawi’s inspiring memoir shares his harrowing journey from a refugee camp to Harvard University.

Your student will develop a deeper understanding of their larger world; understand the power of respect; and realize that anyone, regardless of their background, can succeed.

Winner of awards from the American Library Association, and The Social Studies Council of America, Of Beetles and Angels has inspired tens of thousands of students.

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“In 39 years of teaching, I’ve never assigned a book that students liked so well.”

Judith Pond, 8th grade teacher

Brand new! The Spanish translation of
Of Beetles & Angels

De Escarabajos y Ángeles: La Historia de un Niño; un Trayecto Extraordinario Desde un Campo de Refugiados Hasta Harvard

LAS INOLVIDABLES MEMORIAS DE MAWI COMPARTEN SU JORNADA desde un campo de refugiados hasta la Universidad de Harvard. De Escarabajos y Ángeles ha inspirado a incontables estudiantes alrededor del mundo y ganado premios de The American Library Association, The Social Studies Council of America, y muchas otras asociaciones para la educación.

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“En mis 39 an os como maestra, jama s habi a asignado un libro que les gustara tanto a mis alumnos.”

Judith Pond, Maestra de inglés en el 8avo grado

Leadership and Success Training

Our leadership materials have inspired students worldwide to achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and unlock their talents.


POWERFUL EDUCATOR: Put the Growth Mindset into Action

As an educator or parent, you have tremendous power to inspire students. In Powerful Educator, Mawi Asgedom reminds you of your power and gives you practical methods you can use immediately, based on his work with over 1,000,000 students at more than 1,000 schools. You will learn how to leverage the latest research on mindset, grit, executive function, and non-cognitive skills to profoundly impact the youth in your life.

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“Asgedom has taken the disparate things life has given him up to now, bound them together to make them whole, and transformed them into something for the nourishment and use of others.”

Harvard Magazine

The Code: The 5 Secrets of Teen Success

A fun, informative read, The Code blends incredible real-life stories with time-tested principles. Used by hundreds of middle schools worldwide, The Code is the ultimate character development guide to teen success.

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“Asgedom’s book is a sure-fire way to motivate teens and set them on the road success.”

Kliatt Book Review, November 2003

The Success GPA: The 9 Leadership Skills Every Teenager Needs

Drawing on Mawi’s work with more than a million students, The Success GPA depicts nine key success strategies to help high school students from all backgrounds transform their academic, career, and life opportunities.

Students learn about key leadership skills ranging from time management and service to public speaking and personality types, as the book goes beyond test prep and grades to reveal hidden drivers of opportunity. The Success GPA serves as a great tool for any educator hoping to build character and leadership in their students.

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“This book offers a new, inspiring roadmap for success that will delight educators, parents and students!”

Mike Nelson, School Principal

Win the Inner Battle: The Ultimate Teen Leadership Journal

By journaling on a regular basis, students apply Mawi’s principles to their own lives as they learn to set a personal code to live by. With each journal entry, they measure their progress and growth.

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“We use the books every morning….They’re more focus now towards high school. Some are learning how hard it is to block out your friends and focus on your schoolwork, and on getting it done right.”

Merle Stephens, 8th grade teacher

Team Clock: A Guide to Breakthrough Teams

Published by Mawi Books, written by Steve Ritter

For the last twenty-five years, Steve Ritter has helped professional sports teams, businesses, and community organizations create breakthrough results. Your teams will learn how to harness the power of conflict; build trust without getting too comfortable; and go beyond existing limits to create new possibilities. Packed with compelling examples, both personal and professional, Team Clock will change the way you approach every team in your life.

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“A concise, clear and unique approach to understanding the psychology of teams and how to maximize their performance. A great read for busy executives who care about teamwork.”

Andy Plews, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications BMO Financial Group

Leadership Fiction

Mawi inspires and delights readers with his first work of fiction.


The Third Harmony

To save the world, three teenaged orphans go on a wild, fast-paced adventure to uncover a 200-year-old mystery. The orphans learn to unlock and master the Five Harmonies, secret leadership principles with worldchanging power.

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“My son read The Third Harmony in two days and liked it so much that he decided to read it again over the weekend! He is telling everyone about it at school and wants to know when the next one will be out.”

Scott, Parent and School Administrator

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