Finding Sunlight Even When It’s Cloudy Outside: Recharging to be the Fabulous Educator of English Learners that You Are!

It’s Friday, it’s 2:45 pm,there’s fifteen minutes left.  The bell rings at 3:00 pm and you are waiting.  Your students who you care about so much pack up and leave for the day.  It’s time for you to reflect.  As you arrange chairs and close shop, you think about the positives and negatives of your week. You’ve worked to reframe your thoughts in order to create action plans for the following week, and now it’s time to rest. How are you going to do that without thinking about your students, you lesson plans, and your grading?  It’s pretty challenging, isn’t it?

There was a time when I spent three years as a Language Arts teacher and a Dean of Instruction in a Middle School on the Northwest side of Chicago. It was a pretty long commute from my house with a lot of traffic. Friends wondered how I handled it, but in a sense I needed my commute.  That was enough time to get it together and really relax before I got home my kids and they had their mom in one piece. Whether it was belting out a Lady Gaga tune along the Kennedy expressway or just enjoying a latte as I waited through traffic, it was what needed in my day.  It was a routine and a structure and it worked to help me get as Mawi Asgedom would say “ some moments of sunlight.”

Sunlight can be a short stint of time or an extended amount of time in your day where you relax and just enjoy life. This could be something as simple as playing a game on your phone for a few minutes or binge watching Fuller House (yes, I’m guilty) for an extended amount of time.

Take time to do something you truly love that helps you rest and makes you happy. I make it point to go to painting and craft classes with my daughter.  I’m a horrible painter, but it is a nice time to drop what I am doing, try something new, and have good conversation with my child about something that does not pertain to work.  

It’s difficult to hit your turbo and be an educator who has an impact on a child’s life if you are not content with your own life. Even superheroes need to have fun sometimes!  My next post will be about strategies for recharging after you had some sunlight in order to really strengthen your Turbo.

*The Turbo Button is a concept that Mawi Asgedom uses to describe an internal mechanism that you “hit” to helps you put your power and energy forward to become an active agent in your own life and the lives of others. This supports putting a growth mindset into action.

To learn more about applying the concepts of Turbo to your life as an educator read Powerful Educator by Mawi Asgedom.

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