The Powerful Educator course empowers educators to put the growth mindset into action and build a school wide culture of success. The course provides a blended and online framework for whole school transformation and educational leadership.

Key Benefits and Feedback
  • Leverages the pioneering Growth Mindset research of Dr. Carol Dweck and Mindset Works, the global leaders in Growth Mindset training for educators and students.
  • Offers best practices and proven techniques from Mawi Learning’s field work with over a million students and educators.
  • Increases student engagement and motivation, persistence, belief in students’ ability to learn, grow, and be successful, and improves school culture.
  • Offers a convenient and flexible opportunity for a blended learning environment
  • 97% of educators recommend Powerful Educator to other teachers and administrators

After taking the course, educators reported statistically significant growth in key success indicators, like their belief in their impact on students, and in Growth Mindset behaviors like teaching brain growth strategies and positive feedback systems.

  • The Powerful Educator course combines the essential elements to develop a school culture that is rich in relationships, growth mindset, collective teacher efficacy. I highly recommend this learning opportunity for your school.
    — Chris Silagi, Principal, Wheaton Public Schools
  • The concepts that Mawi Learning introduced to us have been incredibly inspirational, both professionally and personally.
    — Dave Danielski, Principal Madison School
About this professional development course
Online or blended. Accessible from any browser using a Mac, PC, and tablet.
17 lessons, 20-25 hours plus classroom implementation
Can be used in structured professional development or self-guided environment