Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

General Questions

What is blended learning?

Blended learning combines online digital resources with traditional in-classroom techniques. The benefits of blended learning include control over time and place of instruction, the measurement of progress, accountability, and the ability to pursue personalized education where students learn at their own pace.

What is Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Social and emotional learning helps students and educators acquire the knowledge and skills to manage their emotions, improve social awareness, build and improve relationships, and promote decision-making and problem-solving skills. Other names for social and emotional learning include: non-cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, mindset, grit, character education, resilience, and success skills.

A preponderance of research shows that SEL is a key driver of student academic success and emotional well being. This report from the University of Chicago provides a strong synthesis of how SEL drives achievement.

What is the Turbo Button?

The Turbo Button is a powerful visual metaphor that represents the agency that anyone has to take action to improve their life or the lives of others. According to decades of research, a student’s sense of agency (the belief that they have internal control over their lives) is a necessary belief for academic success-- and a skill that can be taught. Just like in a video game, where a Turbo Button gives extra power, students who hit their Turbo Button wield new agency to affect change in their own lives.

Throughout Mawi Learning’s courses, students are challenged to hit their Turbo Button and take action. Over the past decade, Mawi Learning’s district partners have consistently shared that the Turbo Button is a game-changing, powerful tool for inspiring students and staff alike.

Is blended or online learning more appropriate for my school or district?

Our Educational Consultants will work with you to understand your goals and needs and help you craft an implementation plan that works best for you.

Why did Mawi Learning begin creating courses?

Mawi started his career as an author and speaker. After visiting over 1,000 schools and speaking to more than 1,000,000 students, he saw how innovative schools were leveraging technology to build capacity in their students.

Mawi’s been honored to meet with educators and students from all walks of life. However, he realized that in order to best reach and impact students across the country and the world, he would need to apply his knowledge and experience to the creation of online and blended courses. Working with experts and leaders in the field, Mawi created student courses focused on academic achievement, leadership, and ELL success. After the success of his student courses, Mawi turned his attention to helping educators, the backbone of a successful education system.

How can I get Mawi to come to my school?

As a speaker, Mawi is very in-demand. While he makes every effort to fulfill speaking engagement requests, he is not able to satisfy every request. However, our courses feature videos and stories from Mawi himself, which is a great way to bring Mawi’s ideas and stories into your classroom!

Visit the Speaking page to learn more about speaking engagements or Contact Us for more information..

Are your courses accessible for students with special needs?

We strive to ensure that our courses are accessible to all students. We include accommodations for students with varied learning styles and abilities by including transcripts, interactives, videos, and read-aloud features.

I have a success story I’d like to share! How do I share it with you?

We love hearing from students and educators who have found success with our courses! If you have a great story to share with us and our partners, please contact our Communications Specialist, Whitney Peterson, at

Do you work with non-school organizations?

Yes. Contact Us for more information.

I’m a home-school parent. Can I purchase a single course license?

Currently, we do not provide single licenses.

Do you offer credit for Powerful Educator?

While we cannot offer credit directly, many districts do give professional development hours to educators for completing the Powerful Educator course.

Technical Questions

What Learning Management Systems (LMS) are compatible with your courses?

Our courses work with a variety of LMS systems. Please contact our Educational Consultants for more information.

I am a current customer with a technical question about course implementation, how can I find an answer?

Current customers can visit, a password protected technical support site filled with video tutorials and step-by-step walkthroughs that will solve most everyday technical issues. We also are happy to provide support during our business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm CST) through email at

I forgot my username and/or password.

If you’re a student, speak to your teacher. If you’re a teacher, talk to your program coordinator. Still having difficulty? Email us at for help.

I forgot my LMS domain webpage URL.

Please contact your program coordinator or teacher. If you’re on the Buzz LMS, your domain URL should look similar to this:

The Powerful Educator course is asking for a survey code. How do I get that?

Talk to your program coordinator. Or email support at

Other Questions

If you are a current partner with questions, please feel free to contact our team members at